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About MotorFlip

Where is MotorFlip based?

MotorFlip operates all across Australia with offices situated in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Does MotorFlip have buyers across Australia?

Yes, MotorFlip has an extensive dealer network across Australia, with over 1,000 dealers in metro and regional areas. Our buyers consist of licensed dealers and wholesale buyers who purchase cars nationwide.

Is MotorFlip safe?

MotorFlip is safe and secure. During the sales negotiation process, we put your privacy first and make sure that none of your personal information is disclosed. MotorFlip does not hold your funds, the successful buyer pays you directly.  All MotorFlip buyers hold a motor vehicle trader’s licence and must complete a rigorous onboarding process giving you peace of mind. 

Why MotorFlip

Why use MotorFlip?

MotorFlip is the best way to sell your cars quickly & easily. We do the work for you, negotiating with our dealer network on your behalf, ensuring a convenient and secure process.

How is MotorFlip different from other car-selling sites?

MotorFlip differs by giving the seller access to a vast network of licensed dealers all in one place, ensuring competitive bids for your car. You only pay a small success fee when your car is sold. It’s a safe, hassle-free, and fast process. 

Choose MotorFlip’s inspection service to boost your car listing and get higher bids. Our certified inspectors thoroughly examine your vehicle, ensuring buyer confidence and a lucrative selling experience for you.

Selling with MotorFlip

How does MotorFlip compare to selling my car privately?

Selling your car privately involves listing, advertising costs, dealing with inquiries, and potential risks. MotorFlip removes the hassle, offering a quick, safe & genuine offer from a licensed buyer. Skip the effort and uncertainty for a fast, secure payment.

MotorFlip stands out from selling privately by offering a simplified certified inspection service, ensuring a thorough vehicle examination that boosts buyer confidence and attracts higher bids, all while avoiding the hassles and uncertainties of traditional private sales.

How long does it take to sell my car through MotorFlip?

Once your car is listed, genuine offers can be received within hours. The process is fast and easy. Our network of dealers compete to buy your car, and you receive the best price. If an offer falls short of your expectations, our team explores additional options to ensure a successful sale.

How does MotorFlip estimate the value of my car?

MotorFlip uses information such as make, model, year, odometer reading, and condition to calculate the market value of your car. Online buyers use RedBook data, but our knowledgeable staff guarantees a more accurate assessment using specific vehicle information and real-time data.

What are MotorFlip’s fees?

When you accept an offer from a successful buyer, MotorFlip charges a small success fee.  Since MotorFlip is paid only when your car is successfully sold, there are no hidden costs.

How do I get paid when I sell my car through MotorFlip?

The licensed dealer who successfully purchases your car will contact you to arrange the transfer of payment and free collection of your vehicle.

Can I sell my car if I still owe money through finance with MotorFlip?

Yes, you can use MotorFlip to sell your car even if you have outstanding debt from financing.